Email 2

Use the following email template:

Exciting news…

If you haven’t already heard, <Insert Company Name here> now has a mobile app that was designed with you in mind.

Enjoy Preliminary Closing Statements at your fingertips; which means less time calling or emailing initial fees and more time signing contracts and closing deals!

Conveniently estimate the fees associated with real estate closings from your iPhone or iPad in less than a minute. ┬áSimply talk or type in details such as sale price, mortgage payoff, last year’s tax, commissions, and any miscellaneous charges.

Then instantly get a PDF that you can save to edit later or email your client directly from the app to close deals faster.  Then when an offer is accepted, order the title directly from the app without having to re-enter the details of the sale.

Our mobile app was designed for you to streamline the pre-contract sales process by getting you net sheets quickly and in a format that is easy to share with clients…you can even submit your title order right from the app.

Maximize your sales opportunities with custom net sheets in your pocket!

Click here to download our app: <Insert link to download your app here>