1. Login to your account
  2. Select with Seller or Buyer from tabs at top of calculator
  3. Enter details into the fields under the Primary tab
  4. Once complete, expand Additional tab by clicking on “+” sign on right side
  5. Fill in details as much as needed
  6. You’ll find that most of the information is optional, which allows you to quickly only punch in the important details of the transaction like Last Year’s Tax, Sale Price, Closing Date, etc.
  7. You’ll also find that some fixed values will also be auto-populated such as Closing Fees and Lien Search to ease your life even more.
  8. Once your are done with both sections, click on Calculate button.  This button is found on both top and bottom of calculator
  9. Your Estimate Closing Statement will be displayed with all the information you entered
  10. From here you can go back to the calculator if you would like to update some information.  Otherwise your can print, email or save the current statement.  If you like what you have you can order title directly from this screen.